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 Testo, Ohaus balances, Atago refractometers, Hanna ph meters, Tramex humidifiers


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Atago refractometers, Ohaus balances, Elcometer thickness gauges, Tramex moisture meters, TandD or Lascar data loggers, Tramex moisture meters, and other world-renowned brands are available here. For our complete inventory, visit where you buy products by requesting a quote. Get the best scientific equipment for your research, be it in the pharma, cosmetics, food, or beverage industries. Ensure workplace safety in dangerous environments by using only the absolute best equipment from time-tested manufacturers.

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GENEQ would like to remind all Canadian Government Agencies that we have an NMSO Supply Arrangement Number, which is E60PV-19EQUI/036/PV. This number is valid for equipment, parts, accessories, services and laboratory and scientific supplies.

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